Voucher conditions

Basically we differentiate between gift vouchers, which you can buy online, and promotional vouchers as well as discount codes, which are released for special occasions and are subject to individual conditions.

Gift vouchers:
We will send you the voucher immediately after receipt of payment by e-mail as a PDF document or by post as a gift card. Unfortunately, gift vouchers cannot be combined with other promotions (not even with our discount codes) for technical reasons. There is no minimum order value for orders placed using a gift voucher. They are valid for 3 years from the date of purchase. You do not have to spend the full value of the voucher in one transaction. The balance will remain on your account for your next order. Gift vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash and cannot be applied to previously placed orders.

Promotional vouchers / discount codes:
Unless otherwise specified in the individual conditions of a promotional voucher / discount code, the following conditions apply to all promotional vouchers / discount codes:

- Each discount code can only be used once per purchase and per customer.
- Only one discount code can be used per order.
- It is not possible to combine different discount codes.
- Not redeemable for cash or cash equivalent.
- Resale of a discount code assigned to the customer is prohibited; it cannot be transferred to another customer’s account as well.
- Conditions can vary depending on the discount code.

The discount codes are valid for a limited period of time. The discount codes cannot be used after the expiration date indicated on the code. There is no possibility to extend the expiry date.

Minimum order value:
The detailed information regarding the discount code always mentions a minimum order value. If the minimum order value is subsequently undercut by the return of the relevant article, stadtecken reserves the right to charge the difference in price between the order with a discount code and the order without a discount code. Discount codes, which are granted when registering for the newsletter, are valid for a minimum order value of €30.

Return of articles:
If you make use of your right of withdrawal or if the goods are returned for other reasons, only the reduced purchase price will be refunded. You are not entitled to claim a refund for the discount code value. No new discount codes will be issued.

Settlement in case of several articles:
If an order to which a discount code is applied consists of several articles (shopping basket discount), stadtecken reserves the right to allocate the discounted amount to one or proportionately to several articles.